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Retreat Costa Rica

Journey to Money Freedom

We’re on a mission to end money shame and to create greater freedom in how we think, act and feel about money – and ourselves!

The Journey to Money Freedom begins with being able and willing to talk about it and shift your energy and beliefs around it. We are using money as the mirror, the metaphor and the tool to uncover the beliefs and behaviors and ideas that limit our sense of freedom, how we percieve ourselves and receive.


Helen MacMillan and Matthew Gordon-Martin are your guides on this journey of expansion and healing.

Retreat Costa Rica

Connect: Mind. Body. Soul. Retreat

Join us for Connect: Mind. Body. Soul. Retreat in Costa Rica.

Step away, CONNECT. Explore. Expand. Heal. Transform.
CONNECT with your deepest levels of  inner peace and wellbeing. With your next level of clarity about who you are and what you want. 

March 22 -29, 2023 

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Retreat Costa Rica

GFR Podcast Interview

My dear friend Lisa Cherney, the Host of the Get F***ing Real Show, featured my story this week (11/2/22)

 You haven’t heard what I share on the show, not from this lens and not this raw and real. 

 It’s such an honor to help her kick off this movement and support entrepreneurs around the world as we expose the true triumph behind abundant success. 

 Hop over and listen to my episode right now:


Retreat Costa Rica

The Gift of Pain

Through deeply personal stories from both her own life and the lives of her clients, Helen MacMillan shows how you, too, can find the gift in your pain – as well as a greater sense of peace, healing, love, and acceptance than you ever thought possible. Available NOW at all major book sellers

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